The answer is always LOVE (or sometimes, "42"!)

The answer is always LOVE (or sometimes, "42"!)
My philosophy is LOVEISM...

Friday, August 9, 2013

You might be a Lightworker IF….

I see that some people have already embraced their BIG roles as Lightworkers (call it whatever you like, there are many names—yahoo!  In ONENESS, everything is welcome!) but a few of you are not quite sure what is going on.  And you don’t have to BELIEVE me NOW (those would be your old stories surfacing), but if you are HERE, you are one!  And there are many, many others, all around the globe—some totally off-the-grid and most of them do not speak English!  So this is just one network linked to many.  Eventually, everything will be CLEAR.  But if you are asking yourself, what the HELL is this woman talking about…well, to “steal” from Jeff Foxworthy…

You might be a Lightworker IF….

1.     You have “suffered” what I refer to as “Save-the-World Syndrome”—a ridiculous passion/INTENSITY (which often shows up as ANGER at something…injustice, racism, treatment of animals, various dis-eases, homelessness, corporate greed,  etc.) to FIX/improve LIVING (and everything is LIVING, no?) conditions on this planet.  This “passion” has probably been with you since childhood, but some are just feeling it now.
2.     You have felt like you are HERE for a much BIGGER PURPOSE than serving coffee at a coffee shop or whatever “job” you may currently have.  *The truth is you are in the PERFECT place for YOU to do your lightwork EXACTLY where you are RIGHT NOW—in a lot of ways, those of you working in hospitality/customer service have access and influence on A LOT of people!  KNOW that each person you interact with, just being your-LOVING-self, changes them—whether they realize it or not!  So thank you!
3.     You HAVE NOTICED crazy shit is going on throughout the planet…from riots in Ancient Places (Egypt, Syria, Turkey immediately come to mind) to the POPE RESIGNING (for the first time in 6 CENTURIES!!!) and then the NEW POPE from SOUTH AMERICA stating: “homosexuality is OK” to local uprisings in your own families, circle of friends, colleagues, etc.  People are leaving jobs they hate; letting go of partners they have been with for decades; leaving the country to travel; changing their sexes; giving away all their material shit; and then some!  *Way too many to list here—but ALL GOOD—kind of like a tornado hitting a small town-- it LOOKS and FEELS very scary but at the same time, it is beautiful, right?  I mean, when you SEE a TORNADO, all of a sudden you remember SOMETHING ELSE is in charge and everything else is so small and unimportant.  And then, when the TORANDO leaves as quickly and unexpectedly as when it arrived, everyONE is left with NOTHING and STARTS to re-build a NEW BETTER TOWN (EARTH) TOGETHER.  Circle of Life—totally Lion King stuff!  *Walt Disney, an Ascended Master!
4.     You might be having all kinds of OLD (actually it is ANCIENT) SHIT showing up everywhere….old lovers, old fears, old insecurities, etc.  Good!  GET THEM OUT—whatever RELEASING method works best for you.   Ultimately, you will KNOW you have reached true INNER PEACE when nothing anyONE can say or do to you affects you in a negative way (biggest example, you know, JESUS on a fuckin’ CROSS!)  THAT is INNER PEACE.   You will be able to see everyONE with the EYES of LOVE (Horus!) NOTE:  We are ALL still working these things out for ourselves-- so don’t be too hard on yourself for tantrums and moments of being an ASS. 
5.     Things/people that used to bother you, no longer will!  Amen!  It is a side effect of FORGIVENESS--which is the key to COMPASSION which is the key to LOVE.
6.     You have probably been feeling all kinds of weird aches, pains, illnesses, insomnia…this is known as “Ascension Flu”…look it up, do your OWN INNER HOMEWORK!

I think this is enough for now: a lot to absorb.  If this message speaks to you, you are welcome to join other Lightworkers at The LightHouse Network on FaceBook, who have already embraced their ROLES (which are evolving DAILY, because everything is EVOLVING, even on a genetic level!)

And if this all sounds like crazy stuff, thanks for stopping by and have an AWE-Mazing Day!!!!

Goofy G.u.r.u  

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Stephen said...

Any idea what the AmA would prescribe for assencion flu