The answer is always LOVE (or sometimes, "42"!)

The answer is always LOVE (or sometimes, "42"!)
My philosophy is LOVEISM...

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Let’s bring God/Goddess Parties back!

Perhaps we need to celebrate ourselves AND those we LOVE a little more often? 

OBJECTIVE:  The return of regular God/Goddess parties to celebrate the Gods/ (people) we LOVE.

This past Friday, I attended a “Goddess Party” to honor my friend, Kea Charmak, before she leaves Sacramento for her new LIFE in Portland (also known as “ACT II”). We were instructed to wear “Goddess-gear” and bring our own instruments, magic and food.   I brought my travel-sized Tibetan singing bowl, Osho Zen Tarot Cards and some Pinot Grigio. We ended up with nothing short of Babette’s Feast of grilled shrimp, gourmet cheeses and OLIVES!, home-grown organic veggies, hummus (accurately pronounced like you are going to cough up some phlegm), an ABUNDANCE of Sangria, and Alex’s “crack” gourmet popcorn--* not to mention: bushels of sage, a buffet of essential oils and smelly stuffs, candles, drums, several types of tarot-like cards, buckets of crystals and funky rocks, and other totems.

After a sangria or two, we all formed a candle-lit, incense-filled circle around Kea, in Alex’s luxurious, South East Asian-themed living room.  Kea lain in the center, as we distributed pillows, instruments and chant lyrics, and strategically placed crystals on and around Kea’s body. Initiating Kea’s ceremony with sage and conscious intentions for GRATITUDE for the past, ABUNDANT BLESSINGS for the future and LOVE in the NOW, Jennifer played the critical role of the Priestess/MC.  We chanted (kirtan-style) “Om to the Goddess” together on Kea’s behalf.  We “laid hands” directly on Kea to fully SHARE our LOVE ENERGY. We closed ceremony with dancing and gifts.  Blue, a fellow goddess, painted a stunning portrait of Aphrodite and everyone added their personal graffiti to the painting.   The night ended late with giggles, warm-fuzzy tears, heart-to-heart hugs, words of love, and strong intentions to do this again….SOON.  But why not do it REGULARLY?!!!

Kea’s Goddess Party worked on so many levels because it gave Kea the opportunity to ALLOW LOVE WITHOUT HAVING TO DO ANYTHING.  It also allowed those who love her most to SHOW THEIR LOVE in a very REAL way.  We ALL made NEW FRIENDS and the whole experience made everyone feel LOVED.  Win-win-win-and FUN!  

If you are lucky, you are celebrated (at least) 3 times a year:  You know-- your birthday, Mother/Father’s Day, Valentine’s Day.  Perhaps we need to celebrate ourselves AND those we LOVE a little more often?  Therefore, I am proposing we bring God/Goddesses Parties BACK! 

LIVE your bliss,
The Goofy Guru 

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Unknown said...

Do it, Kelly! I'd be all over that!