The answer is always LOVE (or sometimes, "42"!)

The answer is always LOVE (or sometimes, "42"!)
My philosophy is LOVEISM...

Thursday, August 8, 2013

My Big Wish List (for myself and humanity): # 1

I believe we create EVERYTHING in our lives, literally. Each one of us is “writing” our own story, as we go.   Every thought is a sentence that becomes a person, place, thing, or experience in our lives (so choose your thoughts and words wisely!) And quite frankly, WE ARE BRILLIANT!  We choose the setting(s), the actors (even the “bad” guys), the drama and “tragedies”, the love scenes, the musical score, the adventures we wish to take, the lessons we WANT to learn—everything!  We are all self-writing BOOKS and collectively, we are a LIVING library! 

I see clearly how I (subconsciously) brought certain “characters” and experiences into my own story-- sometimes to teach/remind myself, sometimes to teach/remind others;  sometimes purely for scientific observation—“What happens when I (insert verb)?” ; sometimes for pure entertainment purposes (A LOT of THAT in my life!); and then sometimes to prove a point.  With this insight, I realized I have the ultimate power to edit, delete, re-write, and most importantly, write a NEW story for myself, and I can change it at any time! 

And the best part?!  There is NO EDITOR!  I AM both the writer and the editor (just how I like it!)  Therefore, I can write WHATEVER I want!  *Think of the dude who recently said, “Hey, I want to parachute from, you know…Space!” Guess what?  He DID!  And if we ALL wrote a new, more enlightened story for ourselves, we could collectively change our world as we know it!   We have the power to change our “world story” at ANY TIME!  (How about NOW?!) *This is in alignment with the whole idea that world peace starts with the inner-peace of each individual.

We “forget” we are the writers/creators of our own stories and how this impacts the collective human story (we are seeing this now clearly reflected in our world.)  We get “lost” or “trapped” in our “stories”  (script-writer Charlie Kauffman expressed this very concept in his film, “Adaptation”—well-done, Charlie.)  When people and events appear to be repeating in your life (i.e., every boss/boyfriend/housemate/neighbor you get is an “asshole”, one after another), then you are “stuck in the loop” (like an MC Escher drawing or the film, “Groundhog’s Day”) and need to “wake up” in order to get out (like in the film, “The Matrix”.) 

Bottom line: Really, WE ARE BRILLIANT!  Life, as we know it, IS the best-written story ever and no, there is not a “happy ending” because there is NO ENDING, we just keep getting better and becoming better writers/creators.

All that said, I want to ADD some IDEAS to our NEW Collective Story, I am calling it “My BIG Wish List.”  My BIG Wish List is very, very long—covering everything from housing issues to education systems to animal rights to health “care” and beyond—some really “out there” stuff.  Therefore, I am going to break it down, blog by blog, in hopes my intentions/thoughts/ideas/wishes will be embraced, IMPROVED and “grabbed” by people/groups/nations in the Collective Consciousness and grow into full manifestation in the future.  I am not concerned with the WHO, HOW and WHEN of these manifestations on Earth, but more with people “stepping into their power”, adding MORE positive, LOVE and heart-based intentions to this list and therefore, speeding up our ability to manifest more “enlightened”, loving solutions to our world’s current “challenges” (aka, “opportunities”.)

So here is the beginning of MY BIG WISH LIST (surely, as I learn more, this list will evolve…like everything else in the Universes, this is a LIVING Wish List!)  *In no particular order…because that would be so LINEAR of me:

1.    Removal of the Fear of Death Only when the fear of death is removed from collective consciousness, will there truly be PEACE on EARTH.  Think of all the current (tragically flawed) systems that would naturally fall away if we NO LONGER FEARED DEATH (which I refer to as the “Ultimate Transition”)—from military organizations to dismantling the weapons, pharmaceutical, “security”, and many medical industries, and then some!  This also means creating new Death processes (embalming is not only archaic but TOXIC to the environment), new Death Rituals and Ceremonies—how about family-directed, home-based eco-funerals? And how about allowing people the Right to Die when they want to leave?  How about NOT hiding our sick and elderly in “nursing homes”?!  How about removing the “Death Penalty” (that one is more about our fucked up judicial systems, but alas, Death should NOT be a punishment especially when “truth” appears to be relative!)  How about we start honoring and CELEBRATING Death as we honor and celebrate a new birth?!

And just so you know, all of this is already happening, has already STARTED so to speak, thanks to people like YOU.  So, don’t listen to me, do your own homework on Death and let’s see if we can CHANGE the CURRENT “DEATH” STORY and make death as miraculous as birth!  

LIVE your bliss,
The Goofy Guru 


Daniel Klevesahl said...

Great start Kelly...
Resonates deeply.


Unknown said...

Allow me to submit a dissenting perspective...I'm of the opinion that thinking of our lives as "stories" is the cause of a great deal of the suffering in life. (With Coelho as the Typhoid Mary of the epidemic, perhaps.) A story is just structurally different than a life - it has rising action, conflict, a climax, a main plot no matter how many subplots there are, falling action afterward...I think one of the leading causes of suicide is that many people think their lives have passed their climax and they don't want to wait through the denouement, since the best is behind them.

Plus stories generally have a length that's set and known, which our lives really don't. And furthermore I've seen a lot of people generate nemeses and antagonists just in order to increase the sense of narrative in their lives - gotta have bad guys, right, in order to think of yourself as the hero/ine!

Stories and narrative thinking are very addictive and compelling, and can be very empowering and inspiring, but I humbly submit that many of us would benefit from regularly and actively resisting the urge to impose narrative upon our lives. Some would say this removes all meaning from life, but there are plenty of ways to find meaning without a narrative. Thinking of life as a poem, for instance, or a game, either of which has a very different structure and embedded logic than stories do. A very Christian (in all the best ways) friend of mine says she thinks of her life primarily as a relationship (with God) - life as a relationship with one's self, one's dharma, one's loved ones is another model that avoids a lot of the pitfalls of narrative thinking.