The answer is always LOVE (or sometimes, "42"!)

The answer is always LOVE (or sometimes, "42"!)
My philosophy is LOVEISM...

Monday, December 29, 2008

State of Affairs: Current Contracts

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Current Independent Contracts:

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Rollick Guide Articles include:

Hoop Dancing - The Hottest New Dance Craze (and No, It Has Nothing to Do with Basketball!)
Ecstatic Dance: Where Meditation Meets Dance
Introducing Paint Dance: Da Vinci Meets Disco
Poi 101 (and No, Not the Hawaiian Dish!)
Ever Heard of Punta? A Rare Latin Dance
All About Spinach-- Unique Ways to Prepare (Even for People Who Hate Spinach!)
Make Your Own Pizza Party!
10 Spices to Use Instead of Table Salt
The New Dinner Party Craze: Tapas
AcroYoga: Where Acrobatics Meets Yoga
FreeCycle: How to Totally Furnish Your Home for Free!
Watsu: Under Water Shiatsu
Super Seaweed: Ways to Prepare and Eat Seaweed

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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Blog Action Day: Poverty (October 15, 2008)

If you happen to be a regular blogger, I am confident you have already heard through the virtual grapevine that October 15th is Blog Action Day. Bloggers everywhere will unite (from sports blogs and tech blogs, to entertainment and cooking blogs) and publish posts on October 15th that discuss poverty in some way.

The BIG IDEA is that by all bloggers posting on the same day, we as the social media, can change the conversation that day, to raise awareness, start a global discussion about global and local poverty issues, and hopefully, inspire people to action.

What Can I Do?

Well, the easiest thing you can do if you have a blog is to write something about poverty that is relative to your unique audience. If you have a personal blog, you can document about poverty issues in your own life and how you dealt with them, or someone else close to you. If you have a celebrity blog, you can blog about celebrity charity work (think Wyclef Jean!)

If you don’t happen to have a blog, you can just look for a good blog about poverty that speaks to you, and share it with your family, friends and colleagues. Spreading the word is critical to raising awareness and continuing the global discussion on poverty issues.

My 2 pesos: My definition of poverty: having to choose between medicine and food. What is your definition?

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Kelly N. Patterson Traditional CV

Paul VI High School Fairfax, Virginia
Honors Program
University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, Illinois
Bachelor of the Liberal Arts and Sciences

The Well Project – Atlanta, Georgia October 2006 – November 07
e-Content Manager and Editor (English and Spanish sites)
· Manages and edits , using EMC Documentum Web Publisher and EMC Documentum E-Rooms
· Composes “The Well Update” monthly e-newsletters and alerts
· Composed and implemented all editorial and e-management policies and processes
· TRUST-e management and renewal
· Google Analytics and Net Tracker management for Search Engine Optimization
· Serves as Public Information writer for the “Ask the Expert” section of when applicable
· Recruited new writers and manages all contributing writers and medical review editorial staff, as well as Armedia ( tech support; final web content edits
· General PR and media communications content and delivery
· Manages Donor and Membership database
· Set up and maintains collaborative links with POZ magazine (online) on the development and implementation of a Local Resources Directory

Independent: Scripted and produced short film, “Cup of Hope”, about HIV stigma, in May 2007: Atlanta, Georgia. Release date in January 2008.

World Bank/Caribbean Regional Network January 2007

“To develop a work plan of activities for the Greater Involvement of People Living with HIV/AIDS (GIPA) and provide clear strategies to strengthen initiatives for GIPA.”

This work plan is a direct product of preparatory research and data collection organized by CRN+ and collected by International HIV/AIDS Consultant, Kelly N. Patterson, via HIV+ peer focus groups, community meetings, needs assessment exercises, as well as interviews with key AIDS Service Organization (ASO) and NGO staff and HIV+ peer leaders.

Scope of Work (Partner ASO/NGO in):

· Antigua
· Dominica
· Grenada
· Suriname

Art Basel – Miami Beach October 05- December 2005
Press Coordinator
· Composed and edited all press materials, brochures, fact sheets, and print PR tools for the December 2005 Art Basel Show
· Managed Press Office during convention Art Basel

Camino Seguro – Guatemala City, Guatemala June 05 – November 05
ESL Coordinator and Instructor
· Design and implement ESL curriculum for non-profit primary school
· Recruit, train and manage ESL instructors
· Design, recruit teachers, and manage life skills curriculum program for Guatemalan orphans and vulnerable children ages pre-school to teen

University of South Carolina: HIV and Algae Studies (School of Public Health) August 04 – December 06
Development Consultant
· Part-time medical research and development consultant for university HIV and algae studies; setting up and managing 14 global pilot studies including PR, communications and fundraising work

International Community of Women Living with HIV/AIDS – London, UK July 2004
Press Coordinator
· Composed and edited all press materials, brochures, fact sheets, and print PR tools for the 14th International AIDS Conference in Bangkok, Thailand
· Managed all interviews and press conferences with members of ICW
· Attended, documented and wrote the press release on a private Civil Society meeting with 12 civil society leaders and Kofi Annan
· Managed Press Office during International AIDS Conference

The Gere Foundation – Miami, Florida July 2004
Speech Writer
Scripted speech for Richard Gere, Founder and Director of the Gere Foundation, for his speech at the 14th International AIDS Conference, Bangkok, Thailand

Master Research – London, UK October 03 – October 06
Research Paper Writer
Compose research papers from the fields of literature to psychology to sciences: The Principles of Perception; Bribery: the Psychological and Sociological Impacts on the “Giver” and the “Receiver”; Anti-Semitism in Shakespeare’s “Merchant of Venice”; “Rent” by Jonathan Larson: A Critique; Annotated Bibliography on William Golding’s “Lord of the Flies”; George Herbert’s Poetry: An Analysis

International Language School - Trinidad, Honduras January 03 – August 03
ESL School Director and Instructor
Created, directed and instructed at ESL language training school (children to adult pupils)

The European Union Global Village Exhibit at the UN World Summit on Sustainable Development (Johannesburg, South Africa, 2002)
(The EU selected Kelly to “man” their “Global Village” exhibition booth at the UN World Summit on Sustainable Development in Johannesburg, 2002, on behalf of all EU Sub-Saharan African-based international development projects.)

Zanempilo – Capetown, Western Cape, South Africa May 02 – Oct 02
Fundraising and PR Manager
· Designed and implemented organizational plan, fundraising strategy, public relations campaign, and further developed collaboration among the health sector, business sector, religious sector, local community leaders, and welfare sector
· Composed letters of approach, queries, grant proposals, speeches, presentations, press releases, media articles on behalf of primary healthcare NGO which serves 1 million people in disadvantaged communities in the Capetown Metro-pole
· Organized fundraising events: Disabled Children’s Christmas Party (Christmas in the Animal Kingdom)
· Responsible for all communications directly with donors, peer organizations, press and local government; website development:
· For more information and PR samples:;;

Felixton College – Kwa Zulu Natal, South Africa June 01 – December 01
High School English Teacher
Taught high school English (grades 8 to 11); including extra-curricular courses: drama, yoga, song writing, and debate team

Reuters – Sub-Saharan Africa Division (Johannesburg) June 00 – January 03
Health and Sciences Reporter
Editor Martha Kerr

Voluntary Services Overseas (VSO) – South Africa and UK October 00 – May 02
Newsletter Editor
Edited 25-page, quarterly newsletter for +300 VSO development workers and staff in South Africa

Pick’n Pay Employee Health Newsletter – South Africa August 00 – May 02
Newsletter Editor
Edited 10-page, quarterly Employee Health newsletter for over 12,000 Pick’n Pay employees throughout South Africa

Vusimpilo - Kwa Zulu Natal, Republic of South Africa
Development Executive May 00 - May 02
· Directed and raised funds for community-based, nonprofit organization that serves to promote and coordinate integrated primary health care, health education (especially HIV/AIDS/TB/STI community outreach), and rural development among people of the district of Hlabisa (population of 250,000 over 3500 square miles)
· Managed and trained 30 volunteer home-based caregivers, a PLWA Support Group, and key project staff
· Designed and implemented organizational plan, fundraising strategy, public relations campaign, and further developed collaboration among the health sector, business sector, religious sector, local community leaders, and welfare sector
· Designed and implemented home-based care program, orphan monitoring and assistance program, volunteer incentive plan, and all evaluation and monitoring systems
· Recognized local CBO's promoting development and health promotion to the Hlabisa district; rendered assistance to these organizations via CBO development training: workshops, networking, shared resources, setting up a grants library and resource center, creating income generating projects, etc.
· Created an Income-Generating Project Business Catalogue; assisted 25 rural preschools; assisted 22 community gardens and 5 agricultural projects (cotton and poultry)
· For more information and PR samples about Vusimpilo please visit:;;
· Collaborations (“Community Liaison”) with documentary filmmaker, Deborah Shipley of “True Visions”, BBC and No Lie Productions, both in South Africa and Honduras
No Lie Productions

Providian Financial - San Francisco, California
Corporate Communications Writer June 99 - September 99
Composed action complaint correspondence to State Attorney Generals, Better Business Bureau, and Office of the Comptroller of Currency on behalf of Directors of Consumer Relations, Media Relations, and Corporate Communications

CONTECH Legal Services - Reston, Virginia
Legal Exhibits Editor June 99
One month editing contract on the case: British Petroleum versus the State of Puerto Rico

Polaris Inc. - Mexico City, Mexico
Executive ESL Instructor October 99 - January 00
ESL instruction to business executives at Pepsi Co., Swiss Bank, Zapata (Ford) bases in Mexico City

Seoul National University - Seoul, Korea
Exam Script Writer January 99 - April 99
Scripted “Listening Comprehension” section of six independent university English board exams

Educational Broadcasting Systems (EBS) - Seoul, Korea
Script Writer August 98 - April 99
Member of a four-person writing team to script weekly television debate show, Conversational English: Pros and Cons

Mok-Dong 20/20 Academy - Seoul, Korea
ESL Instructor August 98 - January 99
ESL instruction to elementary, middle, and high school students in English articulation, comprehension, grammar, and composition

E-5 Language School - Seoul, Korea
ESL Instructor August 98 - April 99
Prepared university and adult pupils for TOEFL examination and job interviews

ReefKeeper International - Miami, Florida
Development Consultant July 97 - March 98
· Researched and developed contacts with suspect donors, foundations, corporate giving programs, and fundraising options for nonprofit environmental agency; 2 out of 7 proposals accepted;
· Composed letters of approach, queries, and grant proposals on behalf of Director Alexander Stone

Sisters of the Presentation - San Francisco, California
Editor/Writer September 97 - November 97
· Directed and produced “All Soul’s Day” direct mail campaign with a circulation of 2,000; 75% return related in nearly $16,000 in donations;
· Directed the production of bi-annual periodical, Light, (circulation 7,000) responsibilities included: editing, writing articles, conducting interviews, managing writing staff, and collaborating with layout designer
· Composed donor acknowledgment letters and written material on behalf of President Sister Rosina Conrotto

The Center for Positive Connections - Miami, Florida
Development Consultant October 96 - May 97
· Co-developed needs assessment for young nonprofit, AIDS service organization via client-report questionnaires, peer focus groups, and interviews with key project staff
· Defined eight objectives for organization’s 1997 fiscal year; engineered fundraising work plan for 1997-1998
· Researched suspect donors and composed seven grant proposals worth $5,000 to $50,000; total fundraising effort related to $75,000 (excluding gifts-in-kind);
· Drafted organization Fact Sheet, letters of approach, queries, proposals, and other developmental documents on behalf of Executive Director Sheri Kaplan

Midland Habitat for Humanity - Midland, Texas
Interim Executive Director February 96 - August 96
· Secured annual $100,000 grants from Abell-Hanger Foundation for 1997 - 1999
· Engineered and established the volunteer/client enrollment and recruitment procedures
· Planned and managed fundraising events (i.e., The Menudo-Chili Cook-Off which raised $25,000)
· Public Speaker on behalf of organization
· Directed production of The Midland Habitat for Humanity Quarterly News; direct-mail periodical (circulation 4,000)
· General office management; liaison to the Board of Directors

Habitat for Humanity International - Americus, Georgia
Public Information Writer/Editor December 93 - January 95
· Composed individual response letters to donors/clients/public for the P.I. Department
· Composed biographical profiles of Habitat’s International Partners for press releases and Habitat publications
· Co-edited Affiliate Tools Manual; a twelve volume publication for developing Habitat for Humanity affiliates throughout the United States

Pommerini Secondary School - Iringa, Tanzania
Science and ESL Instructor October 92 - October 93
· Directed Pommerini Secondary School Science Department and supervised all educational laboratory operations
· Conducted laboratory experiments in the fields of physics, biology, chemistry, and agricultural sciences for secondary school students
· Instructed secondary school pupils, ages 15 to 20 years, in English articulation, comprehension, grammar, and composition
· Developed and implemented book exchange with Lutheran schools in Kenya, Malawi, and Mozambique