The answer is always LOVE (or sometimes, "42"!)

The answer is always LOVE (or sometimes, "42"!)
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Saturday, August 25, 2007

Why Kelly N. Patterson?

Kelly is confident her work speaks for itself with professional veracity, integrity, consistent quality, creativity, and inspiration.

Kelly is unique in her ability to quickly adapt; learn new skills; motivate and manage herself; train, inspire and empower others; network and mobilize entire communities; promote, develop, implement, and manage sustainable projects and programs; as well as communicate effectively in any environment. Her multi-media communications and training skills can be used to engage any audience: from 5 year-old Guatemalan orphans to Kofi Annan, government officials to the corporate and private sectors, and especially, the general public via the media.

Known as a creative, resourceful maverick, Kelly works best in resource-poor, under-developed regions of the world with limited to no public infrastructure. The key to Kelly’s personal and professional success is training (capacity-building and skills share), inspiring and mobilizing all sectors to communicate and collaborate on community issues in a time, resource and cost-efficient manner.

Know that when Kelly N. Patterson agrees to work with you or your organization, it is a deliberate decision that reveals she fully endorses your mission and vision and will use all her resources to reach your goals.

BONUS: Sense of humor-- free of charge!

Friday, August 24, 2007

Creative Freelance Writer

Creative Writer: Kelly N. Patterson

Kelly N. Patterson enjoys writing so much she has published miscellaneous essays, travel narratives, poems, humorous pieces, how-to guides, and even a one-act play, recently turned into a short film.

Kelly's Page at the Writer's Cafe

Kelly's Blog: The Opposite of Litost

Kelly's Haiku

“What to Do When You only have 365 Days to Live”

Rockland Productions produced and performed Kelly’s one-act play, “Cup of Hope”, at several theatre festivals in Los Angeles of summer 2006; re-wrote as a screenplay and filmed in Atlanta May 2007

Coming soon to

Honey Magazine: "AIDS in Africa" "AIDS in Africa: How Gender Issues Are the Lubricant for the Pandemic"

Sean's Blog: "AIDS in Africa: How Gender Issues Are the Lubricant for the Pandemic"

“This Bus Departs at Nine O’ Clock” and “Running Away to Egypt (At Age 9)”

“I Fought the Airport Law and the Airport Law Won (Twice)”

“The Best Little Zombie Musical You May Never See”

“This Bus Departs at Nine O’ Clock” featured in two different anthologies
Attach Get on the Bus Flyer

“This Bus Departs at Nine O’ Clock”

“Ayurveda: An Indian Approach to the Prevention of Stress Healing”
Also add “Ayurveda” attachment (from different publication)

“What All Free Women Need to Know”

Story Competition Finalist: “Interpreter, Please?”
The Natal Witness; Kwa Zulu Natal, South Africa

VSO South Africa Newsletter - September 2000 - December 2000
Voluntary Service Overseas
Add attachment of “Travel Tips in KZN”
10 Fun/Dangerous Things To Do in Kwa Zulu Natal (September 2000)
Community Meetings 101 (September 2000)
Home-made Lubricant (October 2000)
Home-made Health Care and Personal Hygiene (December 2000)
Safari 101: Do’s and Don’ts (December 2000)
Zulu Home-Brew: How to Make Zulu Lager (December 2000)
Which Dosha Are You? (December 2000)

Custom Communications.Com - June 23, 2000 and July 3, 2000
Become a Professional Volunteer and Travel the World for Free! (2296.doc)
What Was That? A Guide to Tanzanian Etiquette (6134.doc)
An African’s Advice on What to Bring to Africa (Guess What? The Guidebooks are Clueless!)
How to Really Experience Africa: Stuff Even the Ex-Pats Won’t Tell You (6132.doc)
Safari 101: Do’s and Don’ts (6135.doc)

Haiku Corner : “Halley’s Haiku”
Add attachment San Francisco Bay Guardian - September 29, 1999

Teacher and Trainer

Teacher and Trainer: Kelly N. Patterson

Kelly Patterson has over 7 years experience teaching and training. Some of her audiences include the following:

Primary school students
Secondary School Students
University Pupils
AIDS Service Organization key project staff
Business Executives
School Principals
Women’s Groups
Public Health Professionals
Community Health Workers and Home-Based Caregivers
Civil Society Groups
Government Officials
International Development Workers
Community-Based Organization members
Traditional Healers (Sangoma, Obeah, Shaman)
Small co-op and income generation groups
Small businesses
Nonprofit organization key project staff
HIV/AIDS prevention, education trainers
Youth Groups
Church Groups

in Tanzania, Korea, Mexico, South Africa, Namibia, Honduras, Guatemala, at least five countries in the Caribbean, and in the United States.

AIDS Survival Project and The Well Project <> Internet 101 Training Class for HIV+ Women (USA)
Objective: To train 8 HIV+ women in basic internet skills using as the

Consultancy position funded by World Bank/PANCAP and supervised by Caribbean Regional Network of PLWHA <>
Which involved training People Living with HIV/AIDS, HIV Counselors, Medical Professionals, and AIDS service organizations in Antigua, Grenada, Dominica, Trinidad, and Suriname

Speaker on the Washington DC International Job Fair Panel (USA)
Served as Independent International Development Specialist Panelist during the Job Fair in Washington DC

Gender Issues in Rural Development Workshop (South Africa)
Upon request, Kelly conducted a Gender Issues in Rural Development workshop (Jerry Springer-style) in Johannesburg, South Africa to an audience of 300 international development workers from Volunteer Service Overseas (VSO), Peace Corps, German Development Agency (DED), Department for International Development (UK), and UN Volunteers.

Vusimpilo Presentation to VSO-RAISA (Namibia)
While serving as Development Director of Vusimpilo, Volunteer Service Overseas in partnership with Regional AIDS Initiative of Southern Africa (RAISA) invited Kelly Patterson and colleague Ray Khumalo to do a presentation on the issues facing Vusimpilo and the population it serves.

Hlabisa District Community Care and Support Advisory Board Workshop (South Africa)
Dr. Anname Vanneste (Africa Center Medical Researcher), Dr. Mel Scrace (Chief Medical Officer of Hlabisa Hospital), and Kelly Patterson (Director of Vusimpilo) initiated, designed, produced, and conducted a district wide comprehensive, interactive workshop to incorporate all the sectors of the Hlabisa District community, with the objective to seek practical solutions to HIV/AIDS/TB/Malaria health management challenges and needs, identify each sector’s role in public health care, as well as to form a Community Advisory Board to evaluate and monitor sector roles and responsibilities.

Grant Writing Basics 101 Workshop (various countries in Central America, North America, and East and Southern Africa)
Kelly has held this grant writing workshop to a variety of audiences:

· Hlabisa, South Africa, Provincial School Principals
· Various women’s coop and income-generation groups
· Zanempilo Key Project Staff
· Individuals—ranging from people trying to start up a nonprofit organization to doctors
· small community-based organizations
· small businesses
· board members of several different nonprofit agencies

Basic HIV/AIDS Prevention and Education Lectures
With photo slide show, Kelly has been repeatedly invited to visit schools, churches, businesses, women’s group meetings, government forums, and civil society organizations to speak on the topic of the global AIDS epidemic and HIV/AIDS awareness, education and prevention.

Camino Seguro – Guatemala City, Guatemala <>
Teacher Coordinator and Instructor
Designed and implement bi-lingual curriculum for non-profit primary school which serves as a transitional school for Guatemalan orphans and street children
Designed and implement life-skills curriculum
Recruit, train and manage ESL instructors

International Language School - Trinidad, Honduras
ESL School Director and Instructor
Created, directed and instructed at ESL language training school (children to adult pupils)

Felixton College – Kwa Zulu Natal, South Africa < >
High School English Teacher
Taught high school English (grades 8 to 11); including extra-curricular courses: drama, yoga, song writing, and debate team
Coached and chaperoned the Debate Team in a national debate event
Designed and facilitated student workshops
Designed and managed school-wide activity in honor of World AIDS Day
Please attach Felixton College photos and HIV Game

Polaris Inc. - Mexico City, Mexico
Executive ESL Instructor
· ESL instruction to business executives at Pepsi Co., Swiss Bank, Zapata (Ford) bases in Mexico City

Mok-Dong 20/20 Academy - Seoul, Korea
ESL Instructor
· ESL instruction to elementary, middle, and high school students in English articulation, comprehension, grammar, and composition

E-5 Language School - Seoul, Korea
ESL Instructor
· Prepared university and adult pupils for TOEFL examination and job interviews

Pommerini Secondary School - Iringa, Tanzania
Science and ESL Instructor; Teacher Trainer
· Directed and trained all of Pommerini Secondary School Science Department staff
· Supervised and conducted laboratory operations in the fields of physics, biology, chemistry, and agricultural sciences for secondary school students and teachers
· Instructed secondary school pupils, ages 15 to 20 years, in English articulation, comprehension, grammar, and composition
· Developed and implemented book exchange with Lutheran schools in Kenya, Malawi, and Mozambique
· Raised funds for science/lab educational tools and equipment
· Procured and managed materials and volunteer human resources to build a new girls’ dormitory
· Coached girls’ volleyball team

Comprehensive, Integrated HIV/AIDS/STD/TB Management Consultant

Comprehensive, Integrated HIV/AIDS/STD/TB Management Consultant: Kelly N. Patterson

Kelly has a diverse, decade-long professional history in setting up, directing and developing non profit, integrated community-based healthcare systems in resource-poor regions, with special focus on all aspects of HIV/AIDS management:

Awareness/public outreach

HIV/AIDS/STI/Primary Health Education: from primary school to medical professionals, to government officials

Multi-sectoral, multi-media, multi-sensory prevention strategies

Treatment: ARVT (based on availability) to traditional, alternative and homeopathic therapies; including DOTs program (Directly Observed Treatment) in partnership with Medicins San Frontiers (MSF), Department of Health Kwa Zulu Natal, Africa Center, and the South Africa Medical Research Council (MRC)

Kelly has worked with MSF in TB DOTS programs in Cape Town, Kwa Zulu Natal and Tela, Honduras.

Engineering, implementing and supervising volunteer, community Home-Based Care systems; The Kwa Zulu Natal Department of Health adopted my “Home Health” materials (originally created for the Vusimpilo Home-Based Caregivers) as a tool for public health nurses and provincial community health workers

Implementing VCT and PMTCT referral systems in partnership with Medicins San Frontiers (MSF), Department of Health Kwa Zulu Natal, Africa Center, and the South Africa Medical Research Council (MRC)

Kelly has managed PMTCT programs with Africa Center and MRC –Medical Research Council (South Africa) training of counselors and supervising logistics of breast milk distribution in rural Kwa Zulu Natal and Cape Town. VCT counselor recruitment, training and evaluating all over South Africa

Psycho-social support for PLWHA and those affected (from support groups to peer counseling, to social events)

Mental Health services for PLWHA and their loved ones link to
Income-generation for PLWHA and their loved ones

Stigma Reduction campaigns

Preventative intervention measures in the case of OVC (orphans and vulnerable children) such as implementing OVC Community Committees and systems to monitor, evaluate and assist OVC in rural Kwa Zulu Natal


Setting up Youth HIV Prevention Programs

Co-wrote Kwa Zulu Natal “Enhancing Care Initiative” proposal to the Global Fund for AIDS, TB and Malaria

Special Focus on Gender Issues in Relation to HIV

Kelly’s direct role in international gender awareness and advocacy includes: training SADC VSO (Volunteer Service Overseas) development workers and UNAIDS/UN Volunteers in gender issues awareness and introducing educational tools to integrate into all their development projects/programs; organizing and monitoring MAP (Men as Partners) support groups in peri-urban areas surrounding Cape Town (South Africa); working with rural Zulu pregnant women in gender issues training and awareness and designing/monitoring program implementation; freelance (pro bono) consulting for AWID, Women for Women International, ICW (Africa), EngenderHealth, and sports development for girls in Guatemala City (Guatemala), Kwa Zulu Natal (South Africa), Trinidad (Honduras), Seoul (Korea), and Pommerini (Tanzania.)

Additional Articles:

Honey Magazine: "AIDS in Africa" "AIDS in Africa: How Gender Issues Are the Lubricant for the Pandemic"

Sean's Blog: "AIDS in Africa: How Gender Issues Are the Lubricant for the Pandemic"

Research Experience

Researcher: Kelly N. Patterson

Kelly N. Patterson has worked on research teams as well as been consulted to do independent research.

As recently as January 2007, Kelly accepted a consultancy position funded by World Bank/PANCAP and supervised by Caribbean Regional Network of PLWHA <>

Consultancy Objective:
“To develop a work plan of activities for the Greater Involvement of People Living with HIV/AIDS (GIPA) and provide clear strategies to strengthen initiatives for GIPA.”

This work plan is a direct product of preparatory research and data collection organized by CRN+ and collected by International HIV/AIDS Consultant, Kelly N. Patterson, via HIV+ peer focus groups, community meetings, needs assessment exercises, as well as interviews with key AIDS Service Organization (ASO) and NGO staff and HIV+ peer leaders.

Scope of Work (Partner ASO/NGO in):


University of South Carolina: HIV and Algae Studies (School of Public Health)
Supervisor: Dr. Jane Teas

Research Consultant: Part-time medical research and development consultant for university HIV and algae studies; setting up and managing 14 global pilot studies including PR, communications and fundraising work

Could Dietary Algae protect against HIV Progression?

Master Research – London, UK
Research Paper Writer:

Composed research papers from the fields of literature to psychology to sciences: The Principles of Perception; Bribery: the Psychological and Sociological Impacts on the “Giver” and the “Receiver”; Anti-Semitism in Shakespeare’s “Merchant of Venice”; “Rent” by Jonathan Larson: A Critique; Annotated Bibliography on William Golding’s “Lord of the Flies”; George Herbert’s Poetry: An Analysis

“A Study into the Situation and Special Needs of Child-Headed Households”
National Team of Collaborative Researchers
Commissioned by the Nelson Mandela Children’s Fund

Media and Communications Specialist

Media and Communications Specialist: Kelly N. Patterson

Kelly N. Patterson has 10+ years professional writing and editing experience, with 8 years of international, multi-media PR, marketing, and communications experience serving mostly international and domestic non-profit organizations, academic institutions and the arts.

Current Position:

The Well Project – Atlanta, Georgia
e-Content Manager and Editor
Manages and edits (English and Spanish sites)
  • Initiated and manages an Editorial Advisory Board of HIV+ women to construct the 2007 website editorial calendar
  • Uses EMC Documentum Web Publisher and EMC Documentum E-Rooms applications
    Producer and author of The Well Update, a monthly e-newsletter from The Well Project.;jsessionid=GgSRNdywK3DzfQL9XNnbhYXy5hxmqnnNJ2B3nvKt1VVTGp21JRWK!-512318635
  • Designed and implemented all editorial and e-management policies and processes
  • TRUST-e and Honcode management and renewal
  • Google Analytics and Net Tracker management for Search Engine Optimization
  • Serves as Public Information writer for the “Ask the Expert” section of
  • Recruited new writers and manages all contributing writers and medical review editorial staff, as well as Armedia ( tech support; final web content edits
  • General PR and media communications content and delivery
  • Manages Donor and Membership database
  • Set up and maintains collaborative links with POZ magazine (online) on the development and implementation of a Local Resources Directory, as well as implements several reciprocal links with other reputable HIV/AIDS and health care multi-media venues

    Writing Positions and Contracts

    Providian Financial - San Francisco, California
    Corporate Communications Writer
    · Composed action complaint correspondence to State Attorney Generals, Better Business Bureau, and Office of the Comptroller of Currency on behalf of Directors of Consumer Relations, Media Relations, and Corporate Communications

    Seoul National University - Seoul, Korea <>
    Exam Script Writer
    · Scripted “Listening Comprehension” section of six independent university English board exams

    Educational Broadcasting Systems (EBS) - Seoul, Korea <>
    Script Writer
    · Member of a four-person writing team to script weekly television debate show, Conversational English: Pros and Cons

    ReefKeeper International - Miami, Florida
    Development Consultant
    · Composed letters of approach, queries, and grant proposals on behalf of Director Alexander Stone

    The Center for Positive Connections - Miami, Florida <>
    Development Consultant
    · Drafted organization Fact Sheet, letters of approach, queries, proposals, and other developmental documents on behalf of Executive Director Sheri Kaplan

    Habitat for Humanity International - Americus, Georgia <>
    Public Information Writer/Editor
    · Composed and then later (upon promotion), edited individual response letters to donors/clients/public for the Public Information Department
    · Composed biographical profiles of Habitat’s International Partners for press releases and Habitat publications

    Editing Contracts

    Voluntary Services Overseas (VSO) – South Africa and UK <>
    Newsletter Editor
    Edited 25-page, quarterly newsletter for +300 VSO development workers and staff in South Africa

    Pick’n Pay Employee Health Newsletter – South Africa
    Newsletter Editor
    Edited 10-page, quarterly Employee Health newsletter for over 12,000 Pick’n Pay employees throughout South Africa

    CONTECH Legal Services - Reston, Virginia
    Legal Exhibits Editor
    · One month editing contract on the case: British Petroleum versus the State of Puerto Rico

    Sisters of the Presentation - San Francisco, California <>
    · Directed the production of bi-annual periodical, Light, (circulation 7,000) responsibilities included: editing, writing articles, conducting interviews, managing writing staff, and collaborating with layout designer
    · Composed donor acknowledgment letters and written material on behalf of President Sister Rosina Conrotto

    Habitat for Humanity International - Americus, Georgia
    Public Information Editor
    Co-edited Affiliate Tools Manual; a 12 volume publication for developing Habitat for Humanity affiliates throughout the United States

    Media/Press Contracts

    Kelly has served as Media Liaison, or Press Officer for the following agencies:

    The Well Project
  • Art Basel Miami Beach 2005 <>
    The International Community of Women Living with HIV <>
    The European Union Global Village Exhibit at the UN World Summit on Sustainable Development (Johannesburg, South Africa, 2002)
    (The EU selected Kelly to “man” their “Global Village” exhibition booth at the UN World Summit on Sustainable Development in Johannesburg, 2002, on behalf of all EU Sub-Saharan African-based international development projects.)

    Health and Sciences Reporter for Reuters (Sub-Saharan Africa Division) <>
    Editor Martha Kerr

    Speech Writer <>
    Scripted speech for Richard Gere, on behalf of the Gere Foundation, at the 14the International AIDS Conference in Bangkok, Thailand 2004


"Cup of Hope" written by Kelly N. Patterson, short film produced in Atlanta May 2007: about HIV Stigma and Discrimination.

Collaborations (“Community Liaison”) with documentary filmmaker, Deborah Shipley of “True Visions”, BBC and No Lie Productions, both in South Africa and Honduras

No Lie Productions

Press Releases

Kelly brought the attention of the global HIV/AIDS pandemic, specifically in South Africa, to several reputable international and domestic media outlets:

Note all of these have pdf attachments for each publication

The Washington Post
The New York Times
The Mail and Guardian
Swedish Press
The Montreal Gazette
The Sunday Independent
Natal Witness

Non Profit (or Non Governmental) Organization Executive and Development Management Experience

Non Profit (or Non Governmental) Organization Executive and Development Management: Kelly N. Patterson

Kelly’s extensive non profit/non governmental organization management experience includes the following responsibilities; she has worked on every level of the non profit infrastructure:

· Directing
· All aspects of communications/PR/marketing provide internal link to media/communications page
· All aspects of fundraising
· Designing and implementing public awareness campaigns
· Finance management
· Staff development
· Report/proposal/press release composition provide internal link to media/communications page
· Acting media/donor/community liaison provide internal link to media/communications page
· Presentations/exhibitions provide internal link to media/communications page
· Training, skills development and capacity building in and out of staff structures provide internal link to teacher/trainer page
· Recruitment
· Networking and creating collaborations with peer organizations
· Website development and content management provide internal link to copy writer page
· Meeting/educational session facilitation
· Public information distribution provide internal link to media/communications page
· Resource management
· Policy construction and implementation; by-laws creation and 501 c3 applications
· Establishment of multi-sectoral referral systems
· Designing and implementing evaluation and monitoring systems
· Initiation, development and supervision of a rape crisis center and job training center
· Engineering, promoting, implementing, and sustaining community-based, primary health care systems with special focus on HIV/AIDS/TB/STD/Malaria comprehensive management provide internal link to HIV/AIDS management page

Kelly excels in working directly with communities, in resource-poor regions, to develop their small community-based organizations into more structured, resource and cost-efficient, productive, sustainable entities.

Zanempilo – Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa
Fundraising and PR Manager
  • Designed and implemented organizational plan, fundraising strategy, public relations campaign, and further developed collaboration among the health sector, business sector, religious sector, local community leaders, and welfare sector
  • Composed letters of approach, queries, grant proposals, speeches, presentations, press releases, media articles on behalf of primary healthcare NGO which serves 1 million people in disadvantaged communities in the Cape Town Metro-pole
  • Organized fundraising events: Disabled Children’s Christmas Party (Christmas in the Animal Kingdom)
  • Responsible for all communications directly with donors, peer organizations, press and local government; website development and content management of
  • Served as Community Liaison with Medicins San Frontiers’ TB Directly Observed Treatments (DOTS)

    Vusimpilo - Kwa Zulu Natal, South Africa

(map at

Development Executive

· Directed and raised funds for community-based, nonprofit organization that serves to promote and coordinate integrated primary health care, health education (especially HIV/AIDS/TB/STI community outreach), and rural development among people of the district of Hlabisa (population of 250,000 over 3500 square miles)

“We Have Here But Five Loaves and Two Fishes: Fundraising Tips”

· Managed and trained 30 volunteer home-based caregivers, over 30 Community Health Workers, 3 PLWHA Support Groups, and key project staff caregivers database, participants HBC, edjournal, zulu agreement, homehealth
· Designed and implemented organizational plan, fundraising strategy, public relations campaign, and further developed collaboration among the health sector, business sector, religious sector, local community leaders, and welfare sector please put in World AIDS Day flyer, invitation workshop, workshop minutes, participants workshop
· Designed and implemented home-based care program, orphan monitoring and assistance program, volunteer incentive plan, and all evaluation and monitoring systems please add orphan registration, Zulu orphan, incentive, logframe, monitor plan template
· Recognized local CBO's promoting development and health promotion to the Hlabisa district; rendered assistance to these organizations via CBO development training: workshops, networking, shared resources, setting up a grants library and resource center, creating income generating projects, etc. please add micro projects application, sawubonaCBO,
· Created an Income-Generating Project Business Catalogue; assisted 25 rural preschools; assisted 22 community gardens and 5 agricultural projects (cotton and poultry) please add fakamandla, income ideas, micro project application

Complete list of Vusimpilo projects:

HIV Programs and Integrated Primary Health Care:

· Trained 30 volunteer Home-Based Caregivers

· Trained 8 volunteer Youth HIV Educators and 3 Youth HIV Educator Supervisors (Friends of the Youth)
·5 PWLHA Educators
·Monthly PWA Support Groups
·AIDS-related orphan registering, monitoring and assistance (in partnership with Department of Welfare, Children in Need Forum, etc.)
·HIV/AIDS awareness and prevention community meetings and events
·Referral network with health sector and HIV/AIDS service NGO’s and organisations (MRC, Africa Centre, Ethembeni Care Centre, etc.)
·Eye Clinic
·Rape Crisis Center
·TB Directly Observed Treatments (DOTS) with assistance of Medicins San Frontiers
·Home-based cholera care and treatment

Development Projects:
All income-generation groups/enterprises/women’s co-ops had to complete and submit a micro-enterprise application, participate in an interview with the board of directors and stakeholders, meet strict criteria, as well as pass a site visit before Vusimipilo agreed to assist in their project development.

·over 20 community nutritional gardens
·25 creches/day care centers
·Fencing project
·Water and sanitation projects
·Youth development (sports, drama groups, choirs, etc.)
·Agricultural projects (cotton, poultry, etc.)
·Income-generating projects (ranging from candle-making to sewing to beaded jewelry, etc.)
·Fakamandla Job Centre
·Valinhlupheko Club Crafts Centre

Technical Services:

·Community Resource Centre and Grants Library
·Fundraising Skills Training
·Income Generation Project and skills Training
·Business Skills Training (marketing, etc.)
·Referrals of all kinds (from bursaries to victims of domestic abuse)
·Office management and technical assistance (e.g., Engela’s Disability Day)
·Organizational counsel and capacity-building for seed community-based organizations
· Teach basic communications and computer skills

· For more information and PR samples about Vusimpilo please visit:

Sisters of the Presentation - San Francisco, California <>
· Directed and produced “All Soul’s Day” direct mail campaign with a circulation of 2,000; 75% return related in nearly $16,000 in donations

The Center for Positive Connections - Miami, Florida <>
Development Consultant

· Basically, assisted founder and director, Sheri Kaplan, to set up infrastructure and policies to start-up this non profit AIDS service organization
· Co-developed needs assessment for organization via client-report questionnaires, peer focus groups, authored the by-laws, and recruited and conducted interviews with key project staff please attach B8 organization by laws, original TCPC pol proc
· Defined eight objectives for organization’s 1997 fiscal year; engineered fundraising work plan for 1997-1998
· Researched suspect donors and composed seven grant proposals worth $5,000 to $50,000; total fundraising effort related to $75,000 (excluding gifts-in-kind); procured funding for the organization’s center in Miami via a grant from Health Foundation of South Florida

Midland Habitat for Humanity - Midland, Texas
Interim Executive Director
· Secured annual $100,000 grant from Abell-Hanger Foundation for 1997 - 1999
· Engineered and established the volunteer/client enrollment and recruitment procedures
· Planned and managed fundraising events (i.e., The Menudo-Chili Cook-Off which raised $25,000)
· Public Speaker on behalf of organization
· Directed production and edited of The Midland Habitat for Humanity Quarterly News; direct-mail periodical (circulation 4,000)
· General office management; liaison to the Board of Directors

Mission Statement and Professional Summary

Mission Statement:

Kelly N. Patterson's chief motivation is to use her writing, communications, organizational development, and teaching skills and experience as a tool for public education and positive change.

Kelly’s work philosophy has been “stolen” from Sufi Poet, Kahlil Gibran:
“Work is love made tangible.”

Kelly’s titles have included the following:

Executive Director
Development Director
International Development Consultant
HIV/AIDS/TB/STI Management Consultant
Communications and Public Relations Director
E-Content Manager and Editor
Public Information Writer and Editor
Curriculum Developer
Teacher Trainer
Technical Writer and Editor
Media Liaison
Corporate Communications Writer
Speech Writer
Grant Writer
Creative Writer
Script Writer

Some of her past and current clients include the following:

Intentional Conscious Communities of Costa Rica
The Well Project
World Bank/Caribbean Regional Network+
Camino Seguro
Art Basel
University of South Carolina, School of Public Health
International Community of Women Living with HIV/AIDS
The Gere Foundation
Zanempilo Trust
Medicins Sans Frontiers
Department of Health Kwa Zulu Natal
Voluntary Service Overseas
No Lie Productions
EBS TV and EBS English (Educational Broadcasting System)
Seoul National University
The Center for Positive Connections
Sisters of the Presentation
Habitat for Humanity International

This web portfolio has been designed to document, categorize, clearly define, and exhibit the variety and extent of Kelly N. Patterson’s skills and work experience.

Please peruse the web portfolio for in-depth job descriptions, accomplishments, work samples, professional contacts, and further professional information about Kelly N. Patterson.