The answer is always LOVE (or sometimes, "42"!)

The answer is always LOVE (or sometimes, "42"!)
My philosophy is LOVEISM...

Friday, August 24, 2007

Teacher and Trainer

Teacher and Trainer: Kelly N. Patterson

Kelly Patterson has over 7 years experience teaching and training. Some of her audiences include the following:

Primary school students
Secondary School Students
University Pupils
AIDS Service Organization key project staff
Business Executives
School Principals
Women’s Groups
Public Health Professionals
Community Health Workers and Home-Based Caregivers
Civil Society Groups
Government Officials
International Development Workers
Community-Based Organization members
Traditional Healers (Sangoma, Obeah, Shaman)
Small co-op and income generation groups
Small businesses
Nonprofit organization key project staff
HIV/AIDS prevention, education trainers
Youth Groups
Church Groups

in Tanzania, Korea, Mexico, South Africa, Namibia, Honduras, Guatemala, at least five countries in the Caribbean, and in the United States.

AIDS Survival Project and The Well Project <> Internet 101 Training Class for HIV+ Women (USA)
Objective: To train 8 HIV+ women in basic internet skills using as the

Consultancy position funded by World Bank/PANCAP and supervised by Caribbean Regional Network of PLWHA <>
Which involved training People Living with HIV/AIDS, HIV Counselors, Medical Professionals, and AIDS service organizations in Antigua, Grenada, Dominica, Trinidad, and Suriname

Speaker on the Washington DC International Job Fair Panel (USA)
Served as Independent International Development Specialist Panelist during the Job Fair in Washington DC

Gender Issues in Rural Development Workshop (South Africa)
Upon request, Kelly conducted a Gender Issues in Rural Development workshop (Jerry Springer-style) in Johannesburg, South Africa to an audience of 300 international development workers from Volunteer Service Overseas (VSO), Peace Corps, German Development Agency (DED), Department for International Development (UK), and UN Volunteers.

Vusimpilo Presentation to VSO-RAISA (Namibia)
While serving as Development Director of Vusimpilo, Volunteer Service Overseas in partnership with Regional AIDS Initiative of Southern Africa (RAISA) invited Kelly Patterson and colleague Ray Khumalo to do a presentation on the issues facing Vusimpilo and the population it serves.

Hlabisa District Community Care and Support Advisory Board Workshop (South Africa)
Dr. Anname Vanneste (Africa Center Medical Researcher), Dr. Mel Scrace (Chief Medical Officer of Hlabisa Hospital), and Kelly Patterson (Director of Vusimpilo) initiated, designed, produced, and conducted a district wide comprehensive, interactive workshop to incorporate all the sectors of the Hlabisa District community, with the objective to seek practical solutions to HIV/AIDS/TB/Malaria health management challenges and needs, identify each sector’s role in public health care, as well as to form a Community Advisory Board to evaluate and monitor sector roles and responsibilities.

Grant Writing Basics 101 Workshop (various countries in Central America, North America, and East and Southern Africa)
Kelly has held this grant writing workshop to a variety of audiences:

· Hlabisa, South Africa, Provincial School Principals
· Various women’s coop and income-generation groups
· Zanempilo Key Project Staff
· Individuals—ranging from people trying to start up a nonprofit organization to doctors
· small community-based organizations
· small businesses
· board members of several different nonprofit agencies

Basic HIV/AIDS Prevention and Education Lectures
With photo slide show, Kelly has been repeatedly invited to visit schools, churches, businesses, women’s group meetings, government forums, and civil society organizations to speak on the topic of the global AIDS epidemic and HIV/AIDS awareness, education and prevention.

Camino Seguro – Guatemala City, Guatemala <>
Teacher Coordinator and Instructor
Designed and implement bi-lingual curriculum for non-profit primary school which serves as a transitional school for Guatemalan orphans and street children
Designed and implement life-skills curriculum
Recruit, train and manage ESL instructors

International Language School - Trinidad, Honduras
ESL School Director and Instructor
Created, directed and instructed at ESL language training school (children to adult pupils)

Felixton College – Kwa Zulu Natal, South Africa < >
High School English Teacher
Taught high school English (grades 8 to 11); including extra-curricular courses: drama, yoga, song writing, and debate team
Coached and chaperoned the Debate Team in a national debate event
Designed and facilitated student workshops
Designed and managed school-wide activity in honor of World AIDS Day
Please attach Felixton College photos and HIV Game

Polaris Inc. - Mexico City, Mexico
Executive ESL Instructor
· ESL instruction to business executives at Pepsi Co., Swiss Bank, Zapata (Ford) bases in Mexico City

Mok-Dong 20/20 Academy - Seoul, Korea
ESL Instructor
· ESL instruction to elementary, middle, and high school students in English articulation, comprehension, grammar, and composition

E-5 Language School - Seoul, Korea
ESL Instructor
· Prepared university and adult pupils for TOEFL examination and job interviews

Pommerini Secondary School - Iringa, Tanzania
Science and ESL Instructor; Teacher Trainer
· Directed and trained all of Pommerini Secondary School Science Department staff
· Supervised and conducted laboratory operations in the fields of physics, biology, chemistry, and agricultural sciences for secondary school students and teachers
· Instructed secondary school pupils, ages 15 to 20 years, in English articulation, comprehension, grammar, and composition
· Developed and implemented book exchange with Lutheran schools in Kenya, Malawi, and Mozambique
· Raised funds for science/lab educational tools and equipment
· Procured and managed materials and volunteer human resources to build a new girls’ dormitory
· Coached girls’ volleyball team

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