The answer is always LOVE (or sometimes, "42"!)

The answer is always LOVE (or sometimes, "42"!)
My philosophy is LOVEISM...

Friday, August 24, 2007

Creative Freelance Writer

Creative Writer: Kelly N. Patterson

Kelly N. Patterson enjoys writing so much she has published miscellaneous essays, travel narratives, poems, humorous pieces, how-to guides, and even a one-act play, recently turned into a short film.

Kelly's Page at the Writer's Cafe

Kelly's Blog: The Opposite of Litost

Kelly's Haiku

“What to Do When You only have 365 Days to Live”

Rockland Productions produced and performed Kelly’s one-act play, “Cup of Hope”, at several theatre festivals in Los Angeles of summer 2006; re-wrote as a screenplay and filmed in Atlanta May 2007

Coming soon to

Honey Magazine: "AIDS in Africa" "AIDS in Africa: How Gender Issues Are the Lubricant for the Pandemic"

Sean's Blog: "AIDS in Africa: How Gender Issues Are the Lubricant for the Pandemic"

“This Bus Departs at Nine O’ Clock” and “Running Away to Egypt (At Age 9)”

“I Fought the Airport Law and the Airport Law Won (Twice)”

“The Best Little Zombie Musical You May Never See”

“This Bus Departs at Nine O’ Clock” featured in two different anthologies
Attach Get on the Bus Flyer

“This Bus Departs at Nine O’ Clock”

“Ayurveda: An Indian Approach to the Prevention of Stress Healing”
Also add “Ayurveda” attachment (from different publication)

“What All Free Women Need to Know”

Story Competition Finalist: “Interpreter, Please?”
The Natal Witness; Kwa Zulu Natal, South Africa

VSO South Africa Newsletter - September 2000 - December 2000
Voluntary Service Overseas
Add attachment of “Travel Tips in KZN”
10 Fun/Dangerous Things To Do in Kwa Zulu Natal (September 2000)
Community Meetings 101 (September 2000)
Home-made Lubricant (October 2000)
Home-made Health Care and Personal Hygiene (December 2000)
Safari 101: Do’s and Don’ts (December 2000)
Zulu Home-Brew: How to Make Zulu Lager (December 2000)
Which Dosha Are You? (December 2000)

Custom Communications.Com - June 23, 2000 and July 3, 2000
Become a Professional Volunteer and Travel the World for Free! (2296.doc)
What Was That? A Guide to Tanzanian Etiquette (6134.doc)
An African’s Advice on What to Bring to Africa (Guess What? The Guidebooks are Clueless!)
How to Really Experience Africa: Stuff Even the Ex-Pats Won’t Tell You (6132.doc)
Safari 101: Do’s and Don’ts (6135.doc)

Haiku Corner : “Halley’s Haiku”
Add attachment San Francisco Bay Guardian - September 29, 1999

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