The answer is always LOVE (or sometimes, "42"!)

The answer is always LOVE (or sometimes, "42"!)
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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Kelly N Patterson's current work update: Intentional Conscious Communities of Costa Rica (ICCCR)

Intentional Conscious Communities of Costa Rica (ICCCR)
Growing sustainable communities in Costa Rica seeds to village

What exactly does “growing sustainable communities in Costa Rica seeds to village” mean?

The ICCCR serves to the conscious creation, development, maintenance, support, education, and empowerment of socially, economically and environmentally sustainable communities throughout Costa Rica.

We, at the ICCCR, seek to identify, assess, unify, educate, and support these communities and their social entrepreneurial businesses, through an informational, open-source web portal. The ultimate objective of the ICCCR is to empower Costa Rican conscious communities in so that these organizations can be economically sustainable; eco-sustainable; socially sustainable; stimulate their local economies; educate and involve their local communities; and protect Costa Rica’s natural resources.

What is the ICCCR’s definition of an “intentional conscious community?”

Any shared work and housing group, community or program that seeks to do a combination or elements of mind-body-spirit-earth work that is eco-sustainable, socially responsible and empowers the local community (Ticos!)

And how exactly does the ICCCR plan to “serve in the conscious creation, development, maintenance, support, education, and empowerment of socially, economically and environmentally sustainable communities throughout Costa Rica?”

Current and future services include the following:

• Bi-lingual, open-source, SEO-charged, online directory of communities and social entrepreneurial businesses operating in Costa Rica
• ICCCR verification of community and business profiles, products and services
• ICCCR pre-qualified eco-sustainable properties for sale
• Matching conscious investors with conscious sellers and communities
• Advocates for buyers and investors; working in partnership with trusted local real estate agents and local government
• Consultation and support in all aspects of purchasing, developing, and maintaining a eco-sustainable property and/or business
• ICCCR online organic market and health store (to be marketed both domestically and internationally)
• Carbon-credit brokering
• Micro-loans
• ICCCR workshops, products and services—from workshops, tools and publications on building bamboo structures to constructing water catchments; from marketing 101 to writing business plans or grants; from bio-diesel fuel to community-building and communication skills
• Updated information on environmental technology; rural development; local laws; grant and seed money opportunities; market trends; and then some
• Matching stewards, volunteers, interns, work-trade, and investors with communities
• ICCCR Volunteer orientation/training services to improve both the volunteer and host experience
• ICCCR educational and community-building events (providing venues for community members to meet in person, network and share skills and knowledge)
• Scholarships for locals
• ICCCR preferred local providers and good business referrals
• Community open-source events calendar
• General classifieds
• Online auctions and contests

Again, is a work in progress (poco a poco.) Currently, all acting ICCCR team leaders, known as The Elders, are volunteering their time, energy, and skills. We are grateful for all your patience as we work on developing all the functions of the site and recruiting key team members. Soon, each service will be fully defined on the site.

If you have any interest in becoming involved in our work or any other queries, please do not hesitate to contact Kelly N Patterson, The Messenger, at

About the Organizational Structure of ICCCR

Starting with the team, the ICCCR team refers to itself as “The Elders.”

The Elders agreed ICCCR needs the following key positions filled in order to fully manifest ICCCR’s mission and vision:

• Web administrator (current acting: Jason Thomas)
• Web developer/graphic designer (project based—actively seeking!)
• PR/communications/marketing/fundraising (Kelly N Patterson, known as The Messenger)
• Director of Operations (Jason Thomas)
• Bookkeeper
• Carbon credit broker
• ICCCR verification team coordinator (Amelia Borntrager)
• Eco-property guru (Gary Schmeiding, known as The Seed Planter)
• Community liaison
• Educational director (Alana Bliss)
• Financial director
• Monetary administrator (alternative currency/credit) (Roy Lent)
• Outreach/events coordinator (Alana Bliss and Amelia Borntrager)
• Volunteer coordinator
• Product and services manager/Business director
• ICCCR community tours coordinator

For more background on the current acting Elders, please visit our About Us page for photos, mini-bio’s and personal commitment statements. If you would like to learn more about the other key roles with ICCCR, please contact Kelly N Patterson, The Messenger, at


More about the ICCCR Organizational Structure

The Elders agreed that ICCCR apply for LLC status in Costa Rica (in the care of Gary Schmieding.) It was agreed a separate non-profit organization, a US-based 501 c/3, to be named Intentional Conscious Communities International (ICCI), be created (in care of Kelly N Patterson.) However, Kelly N Patterson is to investigate and query immediate non-profit fiscal agent/partnerships. The ultimate objective is to create ICCI.

The ICCCR will act as a service provider for the ICCI. The ICCI will procure funds to support micro-loans via ICCCR and future ICC networks in other countries and regions; seed monies for new ICCs; gifts-in-kind; scholarships; educational tools and resources, etc.

In order to file for a 501 c/3, ICCI will need a board of directors (not on ICCI payroll) of (at least) the following positions: President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer. If you are interested in being part of the ICCI board, please contact Kelly N Patterson, The Messenger, at