The answer is always LOVE (or sometimes, "42"!)

The answer is always LOVE (or sometimes, "42"!)
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Friday, August 24, 2007

Non Profit (or Non Governmental) Organization Executive and Development Management Experience

Non Profit (or Non Governmental) Organization Executive and Development Management: Kelly N. Patterson

Kelly’s extensive non profit/non governmental organization management experience includes the following responsibilities; she has worked on every level of the non profit infrastructure:

· Directing
· All aspects of communications/PR/marketing provide internal link to media/communications page
· All aspects of fundraising
· Designing and implementing public awareness campaigns
· Finance management
· Staff development
· Report/proposal/press release composition provide internal link to media/communications page
· Acting media/donor/community liaison provide internal link to media/communications page
· Presentations/exhibitions provide internal link to media/communications page
· Training, skills development and capacity building in and out of staff structures provide internal link to teacher/trainer page
· Recruitment
· Networking and creating collaborations with peer organizations
· Website development and content management provide internal link to copy writer page
· Meeting/educational session facilitation
· Public information distribution provide internal link to media/communications page
· Resource management
· Policy construction and implementation; by-laws creation and 501 c3 applications
· Establishment of multi-sectoral referral systems
· Designing and implementing evaluation and monitoring systems
· Initiation, development and supervision of a rape crisis center and job training center
· Engineering, promoting, implementing, and sustaining community-based, primary health care systems with special focus on HIV/AIDS/TB/STD/Malaria comprehensive management provide internal link to HIV/AIDS management page

Kelly excels in working directly with communities, in resource-poor regions, to develop their small community-based organizations into more structured, resource and cost-efficient, productive, sustainable entities.

Zanempilo – Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa
Fundraising and PR Manager
  • Designed and implemented organizational plan, fundraising strategy, public relations campaign, and further developed collaboration among the health sector, business sector, religious sector, local community leaders, and welfare sector
  • Composed letters of approach, queries, grant proposals, speeches, presentations, press releases, media articles on behalf of primary healthcare NGO which serves 1 million people in disadvantaged communities in the Cape Town Metro-pole
  • Organized fundraising events: Disabled Children’s Christmas Party (Christmas in the Animal Kingdom)
  • Responsible for all communications directly with donors, peer organizations, press and local government; website development and content management of
  • Served as Community Liaison with Medicins San Frontiers’ TB Directly Observed Treatments (DOTS)

    Vusimpilo - Kwa Zulu Natal, South Africa

(map at

Development Executive

· Directed and raised funds for community-based, nonprofit organization that serves to promote and coordinate integrated primary health care, health education (especially HIV/AIDS/TB/STI community outreach), and rural development among people of the district of Hlabisa (population of 250,000 over 3500 square miles)

“We Have Here But Five Loaves and Two Fishes: Fundraising Tips”

· Managed and trained 30 volunteer home-based caregivers, over 30 Community Health Workers, 3 PLWHA Support Groups, and key project staff caregivers database, participants HBC, edjournal, zulu agreement, homehealth
· Designed and implemented organizational plan, fundraising strategy, public relations campaign, and further developed collaboration among the health sector, business sector, religious sector, local community leaders, and welfare sector please put in World AIDS Day flyer, invitation workshop, workshop minutes, participants workshop
· Designed and implemented home-based care program, orphan monitoring and assistance program, volunteer incentive plan, and all evaluation and monitoring systems please add orphan registration, Zulu orphan, incentive, logframe, monitor plan template
· Recognized local CBO's promoting development and health promotion to the Hlabisa district; rendered assistance to these organizations via CBO development training: workshops, networking, shared resources, setting up a grants library and resource center, creating income generating projects, etc. please add micro projects application, sawubonaCBO,
· Created an Income-Generating Project Business Catalogue; assisted 25 rural preschools; assisted 22 community gardens and 5 agricultural projects (cotton and poultry) please add fakamandla, income ideas, micro project application

Complete list of Vusimpilo projects:

HIV Programs and Integrated Primary Health Care:

· Trained 30 volunteer Home-Based Caregivers

· Trained 8 volunteer Youth HIV Educators and 3 Youth HIV Educator Supervisors (Friends of the Youth)
·5 PWLHA Educators
·Monthly PWA Support Groups
·AIDS-related orphan registering, monitoring and assistance (in partnership with Department of Welfare, Children in Need Forum, etc.)
·HIV/AIDS awareness and prevention community meetings and events
·Referral network with health sector and HIV/AIDS service NGO’s and organisations (MRC, Africa Centre, Ethembeni Care Centre, etc.)
·Eye Clinic
·Rape Crisis Center
·TB Directly Observed Treatments (DOTS) with assistance of Medicins San Frontiers
·Home-based cholera care and treatment

Development Projects:
All income-generation groups/enterprises/women’s co-ops had to complete and submit a micro-enterprise application, participate in an interview with the board of directors and stakeholders, meet strict criteria, as well as pass a site visit before Vusimipilo agreed to assist in their project development.

·over 20 community nutritional gardens
·25 creches/day care centers
·Fencing project
·Water and sanitation projects
·Youth development (sports, drama groups, choirs, etc.)
·Agricultural projects (cotton, poultry, etc.)
·Income-generating projects (ranging from candle-making to sewing to beaded jewelry, etc.)
·Fakamandla Job Centre
·Valinhlupheko Club Crafts Centre

Technical Services:

·Community Resource Centre and Grants Library
·Fundraising Skills Training
·Income Generation Project and skills Training
·Business Skills Training (marketing, etc.)
·Referrals of all kinds (from bursaries to victims of domestic abuse)
·Office management and technical assistance (e.g., Engela’s Disability Day)
·Organizational counsel and capacity-building for seed community-based organizations
· Teach basic communications and computer skills

· For more information and PR samples about Vusimpilo please visit:

Sisters of the Presentation - San Francisco, California <>
· Directed and produced “All Soul’s Day” direct mail campaign with a circulation of 2,000; 75% return related in nearly $16,000 in donations

The Center for Positive Connections - Miami, Florida <>
Development Consultant

· Basically, assisted founder and director, Sheri Kaplan, to set up infrastructure and policies to start-up this non profit AIDS service organization
· Co-developed needs assessment for organization via client-report questionnaires, peer focus groups, authored the by-laws, and recruited and conducted interviews with key project staff please attach B8 organization by laws, original TCPC pol proc
· Defined eight objectives for organization’s 1997 fiscal year; engineered fundraising work plan for 1997-1998
· Researched suspect donors and composed seven grant proposals worth $5,000 to $50,000; total fundraising effort related to $75,000 (excluding gifts-in-kind); procured funding for the organization’s center in Miami via a grant from Health Foundation of South Florida

Midland Habitat for Humanity - Midland, Texas
Interim Executive Director
· Secured annual $100,000 grant from Abell-Hanger Foundation for 1997 - 1999
· Engineered and established the volunteer/client enrollment and recruitment procedures
· Planned and managed fundraising events (i.e., The Menudo-Chili Cook-Off which raised $25,000)
· Public Speaker on behalf of organization
· Directed production and edited of The Midland Habitat for Humanity Quarterly News; direct-mail periodical (circulation 4,000)
· General office management; liaison to the Board of Directors


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