The answer is always LOVE (or sometimes, "42"!)

The answer is always LOVE (or sometimes, "42"!)
My philosophy is LOVEISM...

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Love Letter to my Future Yang

Today’s Goofy Guru homework was to write a LOVE LETTER.  For the record, I always do MY own homework!  Therefore, I decided to write a love letter to my future “Yang”.  However, you COULD write a love letter to yourself (especially if you have low self-esteem); a parent/your child/favorite relative; your spouse/partner (to remind them how much you love them!); your ex-partner (especially if you need to forgive him/her!); a tree or the ocean;  your favorite poet/writer/musician/painter/work of art; a stranger …or ALL of humanity/GOD/SOURCE/US.

In the 10 minutes or so, it takes you to compose this letter of LOVE, GRATITUDE and APPRECIATION, you will RAISE your own vibration, as well as the collective (global) vibration and this letter will ATTRACT more love--in all its forms--into your life!   *And who knows?!  Maybe MY future partner will read this and recognize himself!  ;) 

Welding Work by my friend, Max (Costa Rica)

Love Letter to my Future Partner           

Finally, we FOUND each other!  For me, because I can be stubborn—it took 4 continents, 2 loving husbands, several dozen lovers-du-jour, lots of time alone (learning/remembering about myself), and a lot of cocktails, laughter and tears…and just when I had given up/let go on finding MY equal DIVINE energy in the form of a MAN, YOU showed up!  Happy Birthday to US!

I love how WE SHARE the mission and passion of changing the world and having a DAMN good time while doing it!  YOU are a creative GENIUS!  I love how GENEROUS you are with your time, energy, LOVE, caresses, random gifts, words of affirmation, gifts of service, massages and empowering words, not only to me, but to EVERYONE you encounter.  You FART love—just like me ;)

I love how WE are still expanding every day, both together as well as individually-- and fully lovingly support each on our own individual paths and our paths are in harmony.  I love your sense of humor and how you teach me through humor and play.  I LOVE your ability to be goofy and that you totally GET the importance of PLAY, JOY and LAUGHTER (I do not have to teach you!)  I LOVE how YOU teach me all the time, and in loving, fun, silly ways.  I LOVE how you always say YES! to my shenanigan ideas, as well as contribute a few BRILLIANT goofy ideas of your own—you are a GRAND co-conspirator! I LOVE how you say YES to everything—new ideas, new experiences, new adventures, new people, new dimensions…to LIFE!

I LOVE how you make me coffee every morning and massage my feet (even when I do not ask! *because you KNOW I will never object!)  I LOVE how you pick me up little “souvenirs” that remind you of me, when you are away and YOU have NO FEAR of showing me how much you love me DAILY.  I LOVE that we can just do “NOTHING” sometimes…dancing around the house, bubble baths, reading together, painting, whatever etc.  Everything is more fun and meaningful when shared with you.

I LOVE your honesty with yourself, me and the world.  I LOVE how you empower others, as much as yourself and I.  I LOVE how you dance and *technically, you are always singing and dancing!   I Love how you KNOW when to take the driver’s seat and when to let me drive—we share the wheel.  I LOVE how clearly we communicate on all levels.  I LOVE how patient you are, because it teaches me patience.  I Love how we, as a couple, raise the global frequency by every act of love we do together, for each other, for ourselves, and for others.  We are a POWERHOUSE of love individually and when combined our ENERGY/frequency is exponential.  I LOVE how WE are showing the world what Eros/romantic love can look like!

I LOVE how you are able to SEE my beauty/light/LOVE even when I have diarrhea and feel AND look like, no pun intended, shit.  I LOVE that there is TRUST, unpredictable sex, and TRUE intimacy.   I LOVE how you will grab and kiss me ANYWHERE—on the red carpet, on a bridge during traffic, at a party, and especially in front of family and friends-- whenever!   I LOVE that you are in love with yourself.  I LOVE THIS STORY; I am so glad we wrote it—well-written!

*Wrote my love letter this morning and then saw THESE signs all day, all over LA! Let's just see what happens! ;)


Goofy Guru (aka, Kelly N Patterson)


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