The answer is always LOVE (or sometimes, "42"!)

The answer is always LOVE (or sometimes, "42"!)
My philosophy is LOVEISM...

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

The POTLUCK SOULution to (almost) EVERYTHING!

I have a theory that IF you apply the UNIVERSAL LAW of POTLUCKS to pretty much ANY SITUATION, you will not only SATISFY the SITUATION, but there will be yummy LEFT-OVERS, too -- and you can have a DAMN GOOD TIME while doing it!

Ever notice that when you attend (or host) a POTLUCK event (*where everyONE is asked nicely to bring FOOD and/or BEVERAGE -- of their choice -- to SHARE, it turns into an instant FEAST?!) and that (a) there is ALWAYS something to eat for everyONE (*even the Vegans!); (b) ALWAYS more than ENOUGH FOOD for everyONE (left-overs!); (c) there is ALWAYS something you like (ie, sushi, hummus, cheese and olives, etc.!); and this ABUNDANCE occurs despite the fact that there is ALWAYS someONE who comes with NOTHING! I refer to this phenomenon as the UNIVERSAL LAW of POTLUCKS because, in my experience, it is consistent.
To quote Douglas Adams, "Thanks for all the Fish!"
NOTE to SKEPTICS:  I highly ENCOURAGE you to TEST the UNIVERSAL POTLUCK THEORY…everywhere, in ANY SITUATION, with any group, and SEE for yourself if it is TRUE!  **Pretty Please TEST this theory, as often as possible, and make sure to report back!

However, I am going to share a few EXAMPLES of how YOU CAN APPLY the UNIVERSAL LAW of POTLUCKS to (almost) ANY SITUATION, both small and large scale:


Want a NEW WARDROBE for FREE?!!!   Why not host a CLOTHING SWAP?!!! 
Goddess Clothes Swap Gathering (Concow, CA)

When Kathleen B realized that her marriage was no longer serving her (and her family) and got the courage to start a brand new life for herself, from scratch (*with very limited resources!), her friends and family applied the UNIVERSAL LAW of POTLUCKS to completely FURNISH, DECORATE and FENG SHUI her new home in Paradise, CA! 
These are just a few of the family and friends that gathered to help make Kathleen a HOME!

Once a month, in Chapmantown (Chico, CA), a house-hold voluntarily hosts a COMMUNITY ABUNDANCE SHARE event, where everyONE brings STUFF they no longer want, need or use (*instead of paying for storage or ending up in the ocean!) to SHARE with the NEIGHBORHOOD…
FABruary 2015 Community Abundance Share hosted at CREATION STATION, Chapmantown, CHICO, CA

*This also happens to be a GREAT WAY to MEET, CONNECT, COMMUNICATE, NETWORK, MOBILIZE and EMPOWER your NEIGHBORHOOD (read: SECURITY); RECYCLE and REDUCE WASTE (Yeah for the ENVIRONMENT!); and (almost) everyONE leaves with something they want or need! Happy Birthday to US!


Historically, in Zulu culture, when someONE DIES, the family of the deceased provides all the food and drink for the funeral.  This can be VERY EXPENSIVE, no? Therefore, back in 2000-ish, during the peak (42.6% HIV-prevalence rate!) of the AIDS pandemic (*with a side of Malaria, TB and Cholera! Oh my!), there was literally a FUNERAL every day and FAMILIES were going into POVERTY to PROVIDE FOOD and DRINK for all the funeral attendees! WTF?!  Therefore, I INTRODUCED the concept of the POTLUCK to the ZULUS… starting with OUR MEDICAL STAFF.
Hlabisa Hospital Staff Meeting, Hlabisa, Kwa Zulu Natal, South Africa (2000)


The UNIVERSAL LAW of POTLUCKS is the FUNdamental principle behind ALL CROWD-SOURCING (aka, CROWD-FUNDING) CAMPAIGNS like Go Fund Me, KickStarter, etc. and nowadays, there are even customized crowd-funding sites like PledgeMusic for Musicians and such.  

NOTE: YOU DO NOT NEED a CROWD-FUNDING PLATFORM, when you could easily appeal to yOUR COMMUNITY BANK (*for more about yOUR COMMUNITY BANK:  please read: )

 Really, I could go on and on, giving you dozens of examples (with photos!) but you will only KNOW if the POTLUCK SOULution works, IF you APPLY IT! So, PLEASE TEST it out for yourself and/or others (*and make sure to report back!  Thank you!)   

Just seeking SOULutions…Kelly N Patterson, reporting from Palm Springs, CA

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