The answer is always LOVE (or sometimes, "42"!)

The answer is always LOVE (or sometimes, "42"!)
My philosophy is LOVEISM...

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

A Goofy Guru Wedding

*Thank you, Craig and Agnes Lamb, for the once-in-a-Lifetime HONOR of officiating your BIG FAT Filipino-ish Wedding (in Costa Rica!)  

Wedding Vows *specifically for Craig and Agnes Lamb 
The best advice I ever did get
Did not come from a celebrated pundit
It came from very simple children’s stories
That addressed very adult worries

Therefore, if Dr. Seuss were to officiate
This sacred ritual, marriage—in which we now celebrate
I have no doubt this is what he would say
On this fantabulous, stupendous, supersplunky day

Ladies and Dudes, we are gathered here today-- because these people claim
That they want to share the same name!
But not just a name—but a life, dreams and a house—
My goodness, they want each other as a spouse!

Therefore, Craig do you promise to never make Agnes blue?
(Do you?)

C:  Yes, I do.

Agnes, do you promise to always be true?
(Do you?)

A:  Yes, I do.

Craig, do you promise to bring in sufficient revenue?
(Do you?)

C:  Yes, I do.

Agnes, do you promise to take care of Craig when he has the flu?
(Do you?)

A:  Yes, I do.

Craig, do you promise, in bed, to make Agnes coo?!
(Do you?)

C:  Yes, I do.

Agnes, do you promise to say daily--“I love you”?
(Do you?)

C:  Yes, I do.

Well, folks, then I think it is clear.
Craig and Agnes are supposed to be here!

Quick—where are the rings?!!!
We need to get on the celebrating these things!

May their love outlast the evergreen and plastic.
May their life (especially in bed) be nothing but fantastic.

This is a love that is plain to see
But it is much more official and legal in a ceremony

Craig and Agnes, I bless you with laughter, love and endless bliss
OK, NOW is when you are supposed to kiss!

OK, now it is official—written in the stars,
Agnes may be from Venus and Craig—well, Mars

But for some reason they belong together
And may this bond last for 2 forevers!

The Beginning! 

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